Which soup is the uni serving? WhatsSoup tells you

Which soup is the uni serving? WhatsSoup tells you

Soup is hot. A hot issue, that is. People’s passion for it became apparent back in January, when almost a thousand people demanded university catering company Beijk bring back the ‘thick’ soup for a euro. Now, there’s WhatsSoep: a website that tracks which soups are served at the RUG every day.
By Joas de Jong / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen
10 October om 10:23 uur.
October 10 at 10:23 AM.

The website was set up by information science student Hilde Jongeling (21). She is a true soup fan. She goes to the Harmonie building’s cafeteria several days a week to get her soup fix. The soups change every day; the cooks in the cafeteria don’t plan a menu, but just use whatever’s in the fridge. Hilde is pretty disappointed whenever her favourite soup is missing.  

Her absolute favourite is the corn chowder, which only makes a rare appearance. Tomato soup shows up more often, sometimes as the ‘basic’ soup option for 1.10 euros, and sometimes as the richer soup option for 1.65. She hates being disappointed with the soup station, so she often texts her friends at the university asking them to reports back on the soup of the day for her. But sometimes none of her friends are on site. 

What’s a girl to do? Invent a solution to her problem: WhatsSoep. 

‘I figured I’d just set up a website. That way other people could benefit from it as well.’ The site invites students to report via a form which soups Beijk is serving that day, how expensive they are, and what extras they come with – because sometimes, people want bacon bits but only spring onions are available. And sometimes – horror – the croutons are missing. 

The soup that binds

People have jumped on the soup reporting train with gusto. Information science students started reporting first, but other students quickly joined in. History student Bart Zegeling (24)  says he is Hilde’s biggest ‘soup fan’.

‘Thanks to WhatsSoep I can look forward to the soups on offer every day’, says Bart. His favourite? Mustard soup. His friends are all tracking the website. ‘The Harmonie soup is what binds us together’, says Bart.

Hilde hopes that WhatsSoep expands to report on soups at other faculties as well. She recently got her first report on the soup situation at the Kapteynborg, but it was a one-off. In other words, she could use a few more soup watchers.

Do you want to contribute to the soup reporting? Check WhatsSoep


10 October 2019