Wellbeing Week to combat stress

Stress, fear of failure, depression: many students suffer from severe mental issues. The RUG will pay special attention to this during the Wellbeing Week, offering courses in yoga, swimming, and how to prevent a burnout.
By Thereza Langeler / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

It’s the first time the RUG has organised a Wellbeing Week Student party Calimero came up with the idea in May of 2017. ‘The last faction wanted a larger focus on students’ mental health’, says Denise Mensonides, who is on the University Council for Calimero this year.

She feels it’s more than necessary. Research from the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle showed that almost one in five students sometimes have suicidal thoughts. Earlier, the Groninger Studentenbond held a survey among Groningen students. Two thirds of them said they were stressed often.

Push harder

‘I think much of students’ mental health is neglected. There’s still a stigma attached to it’, says Mensonides. ‘Sure, it’s been in the news a lot lately, but I don’t think students really talk about it amongst themselves. They don’t want to seem weak: people around them appear to be able to handle everything, so they push themselves harder as well. But they eventually suffer the consequences.’

The RUG hopes to tackle these problems during the Wellbeing Week. On Nestor, they’ve provided informative articles about performance pressure and a healthy life style. Starting today and lasting until Thursday, students can take free courses at the Usva and the Student Service Centre (SSC).

Swim for free

The Usva courses are all about ‘fun ways to relax’, says Mensonides: drawing, painting, and yoga. At the SSC, students can follow concrete workshops about how to prevent a burnout and decreasing stress. Sports centre ACLO is also involved: people can swim for free at certain times.

This particular Wellbeing Week is a pilot. Starting next year, the RUG will probably dedicate an entire week in October to mental health. So far, the pilot is going well, says Mensonides. ‘The courses are filling up rather nicely. We might even add another time slot. I think it’s really great that people are paying more attention to the subject, and that they know that this is an issue.’

Interested in the Wellbeing Week, or would you like to register for a course? You can do so on Nestor.


17 April 2018 | 17-4-2018, 17:31