University paper to the rescue

The UK is sick of the accidents happening at the crossroad of doom at the Eikenlaan and sent its own crossing patrol team to fix it. But not everyone was happy with this development…

Cyclists taking the Zernike route have recently been granted the right of way, to the displeasure of the rest of the traffic using the Eikenlaan. Last week, a cyclist was hit by an impatient driver.

Stadjers stuck in traffic. The bus is delayed. Students fear for their lives. Won’t someone come and fix this dangerous situation?

Oh yes! The UK does what the municipality won’t, and hired Berend Jansen and Patrick Zeebos, two humble heroes with more than twenty years of experience in the crossing patrol between them.

Thanks to these humble heroes, cycling to and from Zernike has become much safer. Everyone is so happy.


18 October 2017 | 18-10-2017, 12:46