UB gates won’t close just yet [UPDATE]


The test involving the UB access gates on Monday and Tuesday was not completely successful. This means the gates won’t close just yet.
By Lyanne Levy / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

The gates will definitively close on Monday, 10 December. From that day on, students will always need their student ID to enter. If the test had succeeded, the gates would potentially have closed sooner.

The test had been previously announced on the television screens at the UB, in the RUG newsletter, and on MyUniversity. ‘Our communication has been abundant’, says Annet Kranenborg with the UB. ‘There will always be people who missed it, but most students were aware. Some of them walked in with their student ID in hand.’

There are two scanners: one for RUG cards and one for visitors, Hanze students, and UMCG staff cards. Not everyone is catching on to the difference. ‘That’s why we’ve stationed staff at the gates to explain how it works’, says Kranenborg.


As soon as the gates are working, the UB can keep track of how many people are in the building. ‘That’s important in terms of safety. In case of a fire, we’ll know who’s still in the building’, says Kranenborg.

It’s also good to have an overview of just how busy the library is. ‘If it gets too busy and there aren’t any spots left to study, we can communicate that.’

When the gates closed in May of this year, it caused total chaos. UMCG and Hanze University cards couldn’t be scanned, students who didn’t yet have a RUG cards weren’t allowed in, and the cards were only scanned when people were entering.

But there is none of that chaos now. ‘We decided on a quiet period to test the gates, and they are working. People just need to get used to them’, says Kranenborg.


21 November 2018 | 21-11-2018, 11:38