University College makes giant leap

The University College Groningen is experiencing exponential growth. The number of students that have enrolled for the next academic year is currently at 150.  

DAG wants to conquer the university

The Democratic Academy Groningen is the new student party participating in the university elections for the first time in May. DAG is not concerned with study spaces or electrical outlets. We are in n...  

‘The university is being run like a business’

RUG philosophy students Remco van der Meer and Jan Bant are concerned about bottom line-focused thinking at universities. The symposium ‘The Future of Philosophy’ will stir up the debate on the topic ...  

University College

From Zernike to the city centre, from UMCG to Leeuwarden: the RUG has eleven faculties, but what is it really like to study and work in each one? Starting with University College Groningen, the UK is ...  

Break-in at University Museum

On Tuesday night, thieves stole the cash drawer from the University Museum. Unfortunately for them, it was empty.  

University College misses mark

The University College Groningen (UCG) has fallen slightly short of it goal of 100 first-year students for this academic year.  

‘No Coca-Cola University’

The RUG is planning to collaborate further with the business world. In an opinion piece for the UK, university instructor Sandra Beckerman and PhD candidate Daan Brandenbarg fear the RUG will become C...  

How long can we keep this up?

With the number of Covid-19 cases rising, will the university have to upend its curriculum once again? After six months of hard work, UG staff are exhausted.  

A philosopher in an apron

Hans Harbers wanted one last opportunity to do something else. And so the associate professor of philosophy became a cleaner.  

Why Fay should not go to parties

Students who claim the right to go to parties are dead wrong, says student Mathias Matzen. 'It might feel good in the moment, but it will only end up making everything worse.'  

At UKrant: A platform for all voices

This week, an article in which one of our student editors explained why she did go to parties stirred up a lot of feelings. In At UKrant, we explain why we felt this was a relevant opinion to publish,...  

Why Fay does go to parties

Is it fair to expect students to change their whole lives for a virus that barely affects them? ‘We’re the ones who have to solve this country’s crisis in the future.’  

CIT staff feels pressured to go to work despite Covid

The CIT department managers want staff to come in to work one or two days a week. But doesn't that conflict with the UG's principle to work from home?   

What’s the UG to do with the Confucius Institute?

The contract between the UG and the controversial Confucius Institute is up for renewal this year. Should we even want to be connected to it?  

Scholarship PhDs would prefer regular employment contract

If scholarship PhDs had any say in it, they’d have a regular salary rather than receive a scholarship, a survey has found.  

How sharks can protect wading birds

Is it possible that Dutch wading birds are dying because people thousands of miles away are eating shark fin soup? Biologist Guido Leurs is looking for the answer to that question.  

10.6 million euros worth of frustration

AFAS was supposed to make administrative tasks at the UG simpler. Nine months after its implementation, people are calling the helpline non-stop.