Naming and shaming

Did the UK’s reporting on the fraud case at the RUG last week constitute ‘naming and shaming’? No, but it’s a tricky business using initials rather than full names. That’s what this week’s ‘At the UK’...  

Letter causes confusion

The RUG's International Service Desk has seen an increase in visits during the past weeks. The cause: a letter to international students reminding them that they must have health insurance.  

Hans G.’s lawyer demands acquittal

Former RUG manager Hans G. (65) feels he should be acquitted in the case concerning the large-scale fraud at the RUG.   

RUG voted D66

With a third of the votes, D66 is the big winner of the elections at the Harmonie building and the UMCG last week. GroenLinks also did well.  

Taking housing to task

The RUG is taking the findings of an international student housing task force to heart. Housing should be an asset for coming to Groningen, the university says.  

From the RUG to parliament

With four former students now occupying a seat of power, the RUG will soon be will represented in the Lower House. What do they hope to achieve?  

Demanding four years

The public prosecutor demanded a four-year prison sentence on Thursday against RUG fraud suspect Hans G. The other suspects in the case were also informed of what their sentencing demands were. [UPDAT...  

DAG wants to change the RUG

A group of RUG students has founded a new party: the Democratic Academy Groningen (DAG). The party has applied to enter the university elections and is striving for more transparency and more democrac...  

Robin Hood of the RUG

Hans G. (65), the former RUG manager suspected of large-scale fraud at the university, feels misunderstood. Sure, he stole from the RUG, but he shared the wealth with his colleagues and family members...  

Pill or placebo?

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is approving medication that works no better than a placebo, says RUG researcher Don van Ravenzwaaij. He makes the argument for a new policy.   

The takeaway UK

News, news, news. There is so much news, including here at the UK. Chew on that. That is what 'At the UK' is about today.   

‘Colleagues knew about fraud’

Colleagues of Hans G., the main suspect in the RUG fraud case, knew about the fraud as far back as 2011. This is clear from an email in the UK’s possession.   

Students versus Brexit

While Britain continues moving closer to an eventual Brexit, the effects of the UK leaving the EU remain unclear. That is especially true in academia.  

Groninger Museum for free

Since September, the Groninger Museum has been running an experiment in which students could visit the museum for free. This proved to be such a success that the museum wants to extend the policy perm...  

Hans G. in the dock

The main suspect in the RUG fraud case, Hans G., is appearing before the judges in Almelo to explain himself this Monday.   

‘Hans concocted a plan’

Hans G.’s voice is even and he looks self-assured. But his wifes voice trembles and she occasionally bursts into tears. She keeps repeating that she does not know anything.   

Improvisation is a learning experience

UMCG researcher and conservatory instructor Robert Harris discovered that the brains of musicians who can improvise respond differently to music than performers who cannot. He also established that Pa...