To go or not to go

Any day now, the RUG should hear if the Chinese Ministry of Education has accepted their Yantai plans. With that in mind, it is high time to examine the pros and cons of a go or no go.  

Careers advice still needs improving

Despite career advice centre Next’s efforts, students are still complaining about the lack of career guidance.  

Memories of the future

Your memories are largely determined by events in the future. How does that work? Memory professor Douwe Draaisma wrote a book about it.  

Delegation in Yantai photos

China Agricultural University (CAU) in Yantai hosts the Groningen delegation. Here are the photos from the working visit.  

Supervisory Board struggles

Yet another nominee for the Supervisory Board of the university has failed to be approved.  

Heavy-hitting delegation in Yantai

‘China’ is not simply falling into line with the RUG’s plans for a campus in Yantai.  

No pain, no gain

By working together more closely with businesses, the RUG will not become a Coca Cola University overnight, according to applied physics professor De Hosson. In fact: 'the university should step it up...  

From kitchen table to brewery

Plans for a master’s degree had to be set aside to do it, but Jeroen Bax finally has his own beer brewery. Groningen is now home to special beers like ‘Oma’s Pruim’ (Grandma’s Plum) and ‘Kon Minder’ (...  

‘Better a good copy than a bad original’

Dutch people are increasingly taking to the streets. RUG lecturer Berend Roorda researched what that says about our right to protest. ‘Cost shouldn’t be an issue.’  

More students stay home

The number of first-year students who continue living at home has risen this year, thanks to the loan system.   

Renovation plans under fire

The new facilities plans for FBSS are not well received on every level of the faculty. As such, the University Council has put the plans on ice.   

Hunting for ghosts and devils

Flaming spirits from hell, floating women dressed in black who bring bad luck: professor by special appointment Theo Meder loves folk tales.  

Speaking down versus eye to eye

Does the UK ‘talk down’ to you when we write simplified stories about research? Some scientists think so. We explain our side of the story in our weekly look behind-the-scenes.   

‘Bsa rule illegal’

Minister Bussemaker is making it clear: universities need to change their binding study advice (bsa) rules. But the RUG is holding off on that for now.  

RUG scraps p-in-2

The RUG will change its bsa rules after all. Students will no longer be required to obtain their propaedeutic diploma in the second year.   

Vacancies, but no jobs

A dozen ‘job listings’ for PhD students at GELIFES institute are not actually jobs at all; they are PhD scholarship positions.  

‘End selective admissions’

GroenLinks wants to abolish the binding study advice and the bachelor-before-master rule.