Opinion: Questions about questionnaires

A survey is all well and good. But it has to be drawn up correctly; otherwise, the results will be unreliable. For instance, the UK's own survey about Black Pete was somewhat dubious, so say Yfke Onge...  

‘RUG adhered to the rules’

The RUG strictly adhered to the rules when taking on PhD students, says Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker.  

Concerns about Yantai law

The Board of Directors of the RUG is concerned that a new law, which is needed in order to offer academic programmes abroad in their entirety, may be delayed.   

Poetic license

Which RUG student is the new Sylvia Witteman or Aaf Brandt Corstius? Our weekly look behind the scenes is about the search for a new columnist.   

Cancer medication by the roadside

Some medications can be found in your own backyard. Pharmaceutical biologist Wim Quax explains why flowers and plants are essential to medication even now.   

Isaacs brothers can stay

With timing worthy of a Christmas story, Darlington and Prosper Isaacs were given a gift they had been waiting for for 15 years on Sinterklaasavond: the right to remain in the Netherlands.  

Groningen’s first Holocaust victim

It was 75 years ago that RUG professor and Jewish intellectual Leo Polak narrowly missed his chance to escape Europe and the Nazi occupation. But it was the rector magnificus of the university at the ...  

Stapel disliked losing

Ex-scientist Diederik Stapel forged the data of his research because he does not like to lose, he says in an interview with Het Financiele Dagblad (FD).  

Carillon concert: the set list

Out of dozens of songs suggested, Auke de Boer has made his selection. Did your request make the set list?  

One big Feringa party

Wednesday afternoon was all about celebrating Feringa in the Martini church. During his Nobel Prize Lecture, celebrated chemist Ben Feringa was named Honorary Citizen. The municipality also revealed a...  

Feringa honoured

Ede Staal played the organ, Daniël Lohues played the piano (and harmonica) and sang the beautiful and composed Angst is mar veur eben, spiet is veur altied (‘Fear is only temporary, regret lasts forev...  

‘Tackle fake universities’

There are at least 40 organisations falsely claiming to be research universities or universities of applied science. This severely hurts students, says education minister Bussemaker.  

Artwork finally finds a home

The RUG has finally found a spot for the anniversary artwork that the university commissioned from German artist Julius Popp for her 400th anniversary in 2014.   

No comment!

The UK is warning the world - including China - for the final time. In our weekly look behind the scenes, we get into the nonsensical nature of editor(-in-chief)ial comments.  

Waiting for the law

The RUG’s dream of a Yantai campus is within reach. China is expected to give the green light in December. But the future of ‘Yantai’ also depends on the Lower House.  

RUG student takes shot at title

RUG student and draughts standout Roel Boomstra will play against Jan Groenendijk from Wageningen in the world championship of draughts. The first matches will be held right here at the University of ...  

No Night in 2017

There will be no Night of Arts & Science next year. The organisation is considering a new format.