‘I can’t wait for everything to truly go back to normal’

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. What does students' first year at the UG look like? UKrant follows three of them.  

The academic exodus

A career in academia means making a lot of sacrifices. Many researchers end up throwing in the towel, disillusioned.  

Gecko glue and magnetic dirt repellent

Geckos and mussels can solve problems that humans are still figuring out. Marleen Kamperman designs new materials that mimic their special abilities.  

Lack of interest in internationalisation grants

The grant budget for student organisations to promote internationalisation and inclusion will be reduced by 5000 euros this year, because of the lack of applications.   

Eh, it’s not like I’ll get caught

There isn’t a single supermarket that doesn’t have self-checkouts. That's convenient for students who are struggling financially. ‘It doesn’t really feel like stealing.’  


Niall Torris was anxious about his return to Groningen, but there was no need for that, he finds.   

Survey: 40 percent of employees are having a hard time

A survey from the HR department this summer showed that two thirds of UG staff are worse off than before the corona pandemic. 40 percent report that their mental state has worsened.   

440 euros in coffee, electricity, and toilet paper

A university survey from this summer has shown that 40 percent of UG employees don’t have a proper home office. This needs to change. But who’s footing the bill?  

UG invests 5.5 million in online education

Over the next two years, the UG will invest 5.5 million euros in improving online education. Half of the money will be spent on 22 FTE in support staff.  

KVI-CART reorganisation finally a done deal

This week, research centre KVI-CART was finally split up and redistributed to the UMCG and FSE. However, there are still some issues to be worked out.  

Half a billion in investments for Campus Groningen

A half-billion investment plan is supposed to make Campus Groningen into what might just be the biggest academic campus in the Netherlands over the next five years   

Who absconded with the ornament off the Academy building’s facade?

We have no idea who made off with an ornament off the Academy building's facade, only to return it twenty years later. Or do we?  

Opening academic year is a day for protests nowadays

UG staff and students demonstrated against the high workload and crippling student debts on Monday.   

The cortege you’re missing out on

This year, the coronavirus is messing with the traditional procession of Groningen professors. What are we missing out on?   

Coronavirus puts stop to Groningen housing shortage

There are fewer international students looking for a room in Groningen this year, the SSH has noticed. There are still 120 rooms available.   

‘Employees work 10,000 hours of unpaid overtime a day’

UG employees work a total of more than 10,000 hours of unpaid overtime a day, student party DAG has calculated.  

Don’t do what Nivine did!

High school students can get away with studying for a test the night beforehand. But at university, you have to prepare weeks in advance. Fifth-year student Nivine de Jong has a tip: don’t do what she...