Thongs and MDMA at the University library

The concierges at the UB often find lost items in the building, like water bottles. But did you know they’ve also found MDMA and thongs? The UB created an exhibition.  

University Risks Losing Accreditation

Administration and academics alike astounded at the number of people who can’t read ‘no smoking’ signs.  

University council gets two new parties

For the first time in history, five different parties will represent students in the university council. One Man Gang and De Vrije Student both won a seat. SOG and Calimero both lost one.  

Royal university tour

The RUG and student life in Groningen will play an important role during King’s Day on Friday, 27 April. During the two-hour walk through the city, the royal family will be shown what makes the RUG so...  

University Council against Yantai [ UPDATE ]

A majority of the University Council is still against the plans to start a branch campus in Yantai. The RUG’s Chinese expansion is in real danger of falling through.   

University paper to the rescue

The UK is sick of the accidents happening at the crossroad of doom at the Eikenlaan and sent its own crossing patrol team to fix it. But not everyone was happy with this development…  

University College makes giant leap

The University College Groningen is experiencing exponential growth. The number of students that have enrolled for the next academic year is currently at 150.  

DAG wants to conquer the university

The Democratic Academy Groningen is the new student party participating in the university elections for the first time in May. DAG is not concerned with study spaces or electrical outlets. We are in n...  

‘The university is being run like a business’

RUG philosophy students Remco van der Meer and Jan Bant are concerned about bottom line-focused thinking at universities. The symposium ‘The Future of Philosophy’ will stir up the debate on the topic ...  

University College

From Zernike to the city centre, from UMCG to Leeuwarden: the RUG has eleven faculties, but what is it really like to study and work in each one? Starting with University College Groningen, the UK is ...  

Break-in at University Museum

On Tuesday night, thieves stole the cash drawer from the University Museum. Unfortunately for them, it was empty.  

University College misses mark

The University College Groningen (UCG) has fallen slightly short of it goal of 100 first-year students for this academic year.  

‘No Coca-Cola University’

The RUG is planning to collaborate further with the business world. In an opinion piece for the UK, university instructor Sandra Beckerman and PhD candidate Daan Brandenbarg fear the RUG will become C...  

A screwed-up workplace that no one tries to fix

The University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship is still losing money, while employees complain about unsafe working conditions.  

Self-testing before going to campus? But I don’t have symptoms!

Students don’t seem to use rapid self-tests before they go to campus, a small UKrant survey indicates. They do use them before going to friends or family, however.   

Petra de Goeij and the mystery of the spoonbills

Are the spoonbills in the Netherlands really doing as well as people think? UG researcher Petra de Groeij says appearances can be deceiving.  

Higher education furious at Van Engelshoven

University employees are furious at Ingrid van Engelshoven. She wants them to prepare forms of education with and without social distancing for September.