‘The university is being run like a business’

RUG philosophy students Remco van der Meer and Jan Bant are concerned about bottom line-focused thinking at universities. The symposium ‘The Future of Philosophy’ will stir up the debate on the topic ...  

University College

From Zernike to the city centre, from UMCG to Leeuwarden: the RUG has eleven faculties, but what is it really like to study and work in each one? Starting with University College Groningen, the UK is ...  

Break-in at University Museum

On Tuesday night, thieves stole the cash drawer from the University Museum. Unfortunately for them, it was empty.  

University College misses mark

The University College Groningen (UCG) has fallen slightly short of it goal of 100 first-year students for this academic year.  

‘No Coca-Cola University’

The RUG is planning to collaborate further with the business world. In an opinion piece for the UK, university instructor Sandra Beckerman and PhD candidate Daan Brandenbarg fear the RUG will become C...  

UG board is considering dedicated student bus line

The board of directors is thinking in terms of solutions: proctoring software is still an option and they might look into a dedicated student bus line to Zernike.  

Creative solutions to social distancing

How do you make social distancing work at a university with tens of thousands of students and staff? Some of you came up with a few out-of-the-box ideas.  

‘This isn’t the conclusion I was hoping for’

For the students who have nearly finished their degree, the corona crisis has put an abrupt end to their time in Groningen. ‘I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my friends.’   

Paywall for Elsevier magazines to go

Until December 31, 2024, researchers at Dutch universities will be able to publish their articles open access in more than 90 percent of publisher Elsevier’s journals.  

Student party SOG: ‘Don’t forget about us!’

Marieke Klijnstra with student party SOG is asking the board to not only focus on the teaching and support staff's sacrifices during this corona crisis.   

Rules relaxed for higher education

Starting June 15, practical classes and exams will be allowed again in higher education, the Dutch government has announced.  

You have a great career, your partner not so much

UG employees’ partners used to just take care of the house and kids, but no longer. They are smart and ambitious, and they want a good job. But are there even jobs for them? And is it okay if they don...  

Get a three-month tuition refund

Students receiving Dutch student finance who obtain their masters degree between September 2020 and January 2021, will be refunded three months of tuition.  

Coronaproofing the UB

If they get rid of at least three quarters of the desks, the UB might, eventually, be able to reopen to students. But definitely not before the summer.  

Corona rules will be relaxed ‘only gradually’

The UG continues to be cautious in relaxing the corona rules. There are still so many uncertainties, the board says, that it can only be done very gradually.   

Employees get a bonus and a 3-percent pay increase

University employees’ salary will be increased by 3 percent on June 1. They’ll also receive a one-time bonus of up to 750 euros, based on full-time employment.   

The Aletta Jacobs hall is twice as big now, but will that be enough?

The Aletta Jacobs hall can now house twice as many people as before. The question is whether this is of any use in the current corona crisis.