Break-in at University Museum

On Tuesday night, thieves stole the cash drawer from the University Museum. Unfortunately for them, it was empty.  

University College misses mark

The University College Groningen (UCG) has fallen slightly short of it goal of 100 first-year students for this academic year.  

‘No Coca-Cola University’

The RUG is planning to collaborate further with the business world. In an opinion piece for the UK, university instructor Sandra Beckerman and PhD candidate Daan Brandenbarg fear the RUG will become C...  

How to learn Dutch on a dime

Did the free Dutch courses offered by the RUG fill up before you could get a spot? Here are some language-learning solutions that won’t break the bank.  

The Academy building as a puzzle

He has already finished 150 pieces, and has as many still to go. Artist Menno Drent is making 300 3D-puzzles of the Academy building, commissioned by the RUG.   

Selection procedure for psychology master (UPDATE)

Students with a psychology bachelor’s degree from a Dutch university will no longer be guaranteed a spot in the master programme at the RUG as of September 2021.  

Which soup is the uni serving? WhatsSoup tells you

Wondering which soup the Harmonie cafeteria is serving today? Thanks to the WhatsSoup website, you don't have to go over there to find out.  

My other life in the conflict zone

How did a RUG communications project leader end up ankle-deep in mud in Northern Iraq? Courtney Schellekens moonlights as a conflict zone photojournalist.  

These students are about to become homeless

The Esdoornflat closes this Wednesday. Yet around half of the students living there haven’t found a new place to stay. Who are they and what’s their story?  

No exclusive vegan food, meat stays on the menu

Snacks during events and gatherings at the RUG will not become exclusively vegan any time soon. The university says people don’t want it.  

Coffee at the RUG to get better and more expensive

The RUG wants to get rid of the 150 coffee machines it has now and switch to machines that use real beans. The new coffee will cost 60 cents a cup instead of 40.  

Scraping by without a bank account

Non-EU students are struggling to open Dutch bank accounts. The result? They can’t rent bikes, buy groceries at Albert Heijn, or recharge their OV-card.  

Who wants to party with Pete Hoekstra?

RUG Americans feel conflicted about going to a borrel for US Ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra. ‘We don’t have to throw a damn party for this guy.’  

Students unaware of payment policy at The Village

Miscommunications about payment structures at the Peizerweg emergency housing location ‘the Village’ seem to be common. As a result some students overpay their stay, while others don’t pay enough.   

More internationals should be on boards, says RUG

Following a proposal by Lijst Calimero, the RUG will ask study advisers to stimulate international students to do board work for a year.   

Investigation into Yantai should be finished this academic year

University president Jouke de Vries hopes to present the results of the investigation into Yantai to the university council before the academic year is up.  

Meet the men in black (and red)

You’ve probably seen them around – the men in red always telling students to park their bikes somewhere else. But who are they?