University College makes giant leap

The University College Groningen is experiencing exponential growth. The number of students that have enrolled for the next academic year is currently at 150.  

DAG wants to conquer the university

The Democratic Academy Groningen is the new student party participating in the university elections for the first time in May. DAG is not concerned with study spaces or electrical outlets. We are in n...  

‘The university is being run like a business’

RUG philosophy students Remco van der Meer and Jan Bant are concerned about bottom line-focused thinking at universities. The symposium ‘The Future of Philosophy’ will stir up the debate on the topic ...  

University College

From Zernike to the city centre, from UMCG to Leeuwarden: the RUG has eleven faculties, but what is it really like to study and work in each one? Starting with University College Groningen, the UK is ...  

Break-in at University Museum

On Tuesday night, thieves stole the cash drawer from the University Museum. Unfortunately for them, it was empty.  

University College misses mark

The University College Groningen (UCG) has fallen slightly short of it goal of 100 first-year students for this academic year.  

‘No Coca-Cola University’

The RUG is planning to collaborate further with the business world. In an opinion piece for the UK, university instructor Sandra Beckerman and PhD candidate Daan Brandenbarg fear the RUG will become C...  

‘The movement has taught me that my voice matters’

Black Lives Matter has breathed new life into conversations about systemic racism. Four UG students talk about how the movement has affected them personally.  

A Meets ceremony or an ‘office degree’: graduating is different this year

Students graduating from the UG this year are saying a sober goodbye. Most faculties have postponed graduation ceremonies until after the summer.   

Stewards will be used to enforce smoking ban after all

Stewards will be approaching people who are smoking near a UG building starting August 1. Earlier, board president Jouke de Vries said he wasn't in favour of that.  

Corona crisis has made students and staff gloomy

According to an UKrant survey, UG staff and students have been feeling the effects of the corona crisis, both mentally and physically.   

Half a million in debt with the government

For two North Macedonians, a government scholarship meant they could study at the UG. But the terms make the dream opportunity more of a nightmare.   

‘FSE needs to hire more international support staff’

FSE risks losing international talents if it keeps insisting its support staff speak fluent Dutch, says faculty council member Marzia Nuzzolo.   

Physicists come up with portable detector for gravitational waves

Groningen scientists have come up with a plan to create a gravitational-wave detector that’s four thousand times smaller than the current LIGO experiment.   

Internationals feel pressure to perform

Non-EU students at the UG often feel the pressure to perform. Four of them talked to UKrant about what studying costs, expectations, and cultural differences.   

Participation was sidelined when crisis started

Participation at the UG was sidelined the first few weeks of the corona crisis. There was no way around it, said university president Jouke de Vries.  

FSE wants special funds for rejected proposals

The Faculty of Science and Engineering wants to create a fund to finance research proposals that didn’t make the cut for national and European subsidies.