Smile! You’re on camera

Student houses increasingly contain cameras, recording the residents 24 hours a day. One of the advantages of cameras is that they can make residents feel safer. But how does it feel to be watched all the time?

In the trenches around the Rikkers-Lubbers house

Students and neigbours are fighting a small war in the former nursing home House Rikkers Lubbers. Are these neighbours a nagging pain in the ass? Or do they actually have point?

The Tent Diaries

Master’s student Rafel Fernandez was curious: how did students feel about camping out with strangers for their first week of school in a foreign country? He decided to find out.

Diehard in Selwerd I

Jeroen is 41 years old. He has been living in student building Selwerd I for the past twenty-two years. Now, he is looking for a place of his own.

Housing crisis drives students away

International students are giving up on Groningen because of the housing problem. Ukrant issued an online poll that indicates 77 percent of homeless respondents are seriously considering other options.

Desperately hunting for a room

Is the panic over rooms overblown? The UKrant followed three international students from Germany, Russia, and Brazil as they searched for a home. This week, they all found rooms.

Scrambling for rooms

It’s the same story every year. International students, their acceptance letters in hand and their futures bright, flock to Groningen from all over the world. But when they get here, there is nowhere to land.

A never-ending story

Some foreign students were sleeping in the street because they were unable to find a room. How could this happen? And what can we do to prevent this situation from happening next year?


Law student has rent lowered after confronting landlord in court

Remember Yoeri Delfstra, the law student who took his landlord to court over a rental dispute? He won – partly, at least.

Landlord Rikkers-Lubbers house wants to appeal

Tenants of the Rikkers-Lubbers house don’t have to leave their rooms until their contracts expire this summer. Also: the owner is appealing the withdrawal of the permit.

Student will find housing for internationals

Pedagogy student Femke van Splunter, has created an agency to help internationals find rooms.

Shaken up at the Suikerlaan

A new, noisy construction project by Van Wijnen is giving the Suikerlaan residents a headache. ‘It’s like waking up to an earthquake.’

Not all internationals have polling card

An unknown number of internationals will be unable to vote in the upcoming municipal elections. They are not registered with the municipality.

Everything you need in one place

At the Peizerweg, new housing is being built for internationals. The Village will not just offer residences, but a restaurant, sports facilities, and study rooms.

Better emergency housing

At the start of the next academic year, Groningen should have emergency housing for at least 750 students. The city also wants to do away with short stay contracts.

They live behind the stage

The Grand Theatre might not be the first place people think of when they are looking for a place to live. But internationals Mollie and Leonardo have recently moved there.

Yoeri takes his landlord to court

23-year old student of Tax Law and Economics Yoeri Delfstra is taking on his shady landlords. First in Leeuwarden. Now in Groningen.

Students move into dirty Suikerlaan

Two hundred international students moved into their new containter homes at the Suikerlaan on Monday. But the studios aren’t in the best condition. 

Should I stay or should I go?

The housing crisis is quieting down, as the RUG predicted it would. Some students have simply decided to unenroll. Student party DAG wants to know why, but the university says it doesn’t know.

‘People are taking their city back’

Groningen will tighten the screws on landlords. Research done by RUG professor Michel Vols formed the basis for the new rules.

Suikerlaan stalls; students stress

The Suikerlaan move-in date has been pushed from October 1 to October 15. Angry students must now find somewhere else to live for two more weeks. ‘So tired of all this.’