The Tent Diaries

Master’s student Rafel Fernandez was curious: how did students feel about camping out with strangers for their first week of school in a foreign country? He decided to find out.

Diehard in Selwerd I

Jeroen is 41 years old. He has been living in student building Selwerd I for the past twenty-two years. Now, he is looking for a place of his own.

Housing crisis drives students away

International students are giving up on Groningen because of the housing problem. Ukrant issued an online poll that indicates 77 percent of homeless respondents are seriously considering other options.

Desperately hunting for a room

Is the panic over rooms overblown? The UKrant followed three international students from Germany, Russia, and Brazil as they searched for a home. This week, they all found rooms.

Scrambling for rooms

It’s the same story every year. International students, their acceptance letters in hand and their futures bright, flock to Groningen from all over the world. But when they get here, there is nowhere to land.

A never-ending story

Some foreign students were sleeping in the street because they were unable to find a room. How could this happen? And what can we do to prevent this situation from happening next year?


Suikerlaan stalls; students stress

The Suikerlaan move-in date has been pushed from October 1 to October 15. Angry students must now find somewhere else to live for two more weeks. ‘So tired of all this.’

Local neighbours want students gone

International students at the Rikkers-Lubbershuis are afraid they might be evicted after neighbors file noise complaint with municipality.

Renters permit to combat misconduct

The municipality of Groningen wants to get rid of landlords who don’t care about regulations by introducing a new type of permit. Renters are worried.

RUG should be proud of critical students

When one hundred students occupied the Academy building last week, they managed to achieve what the university council could not.

ACLO tents to be torn down

The army tents at the ACLO terrain will be cleared and torn down. The students that have been sleeping there have found a different place to stay.

RUG and students reach agreement

After approximately eight hours, the student protest led by DAG and ROOD has ended. Students and the RUG have reached an agreement.

What do we want? Housing!

More than one hundred students are occupying the main stairs at the Academy building. They are protesting against the housing crisis in Groningen.

Housing: Good intentions poorly executed

When the international housing crises erupted in protests last year, everyone agreed on one thing: this can’t happen again. But here we are.

Hosting the homeless

For the next month, Gijs Altena and Shea Casby will spend their nights in the same tiny room. They are determined to make it work. ‘It’s better than a tent’, says Casby.

Still stuck at the tent camp

Rafel Fernandez is vlogging about life in the ACLO tent camp. Now that he has survived his second night, it’s time for a refreshing shower and beer.

It’s easy to look down from a pedestal

The op-ed of Pieter Polhuis on the housing crisis contains a series of misshapen thoughts, says Thomas Ansell. ‘He could at least try to substantiate his claims.’

ACLO tents free from now on

Homeless internationals can now stay at the ACLO tent camp for free, says the RUG and Hanze University.

First night in the tent camp

Rafel Fernandez (27), a Master’s student from Barcelona is vlogging about life in the ACLO tent camp. See how his Tuesday went.