Lift crashes at medical faculty

On Thursday morning, a lift crashed in the medical sciences’ educational building at the Antonius Deusinglaan. Several people were hurt.

The accident occurred while maintenance workers were trying to get the lift moving again after it had got stuck on the sixth floor of the building. At the time of the accident there were fourteen people inside, both students and staff.

One of them has been taken to the accident and emergency department at the UMCG. The faculty has taken the other lifts in the unit offline.

‘Great shock’

‘This not only came as a great shock to the people inside the lift, but also to all their colleagues and the students’, the RUG and UMCG said in a joint statement. ‘We are informing the employees currently still in the building.’ It’s unclear what exactly led to the accident. The cause is currently being investigated.

Photo by LUÍS FELIPE FONSECA SILVA / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen


17 January 2019 | 24-2-2019, 11:45