Containers for staff at Zernike

The Faculty of Science and Engineering wants to put up portable office containers that can provide workspace for between forty and fifty staff members. The containers will potentially be in use at the Zernike Campus for years.
By Zander Lamme / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

The portable offices are necessary because faculty just doesn’t have enough space for everyone. Even the new Feringa Building, which should be completed in a few years, won’t provide the space the faculty needs. This became clear after the plans for the Feringa Building were drafted.

Dick Veldhuis, the faculty’s managing director, has suggested portable offices in the past. The plan will soon be proposed to the Board of Directors. Veldhuis thinks that ‘even in the most optimistic situation’, the containers will probably remain for at least seven years.


The forty to fifty RUG employees in need of work spaces are currently working out of the Bernoulliborg. But they have to leave ‘to guarantee the growth of researchers and staff in the building’. Veldhuis hopes the containers can be installed before the start of the new academic year.

A potential location for the portable containers has not yet been identified. The faculty hopes the containers can be placed as close to the existing buildings as possible. The new plans for the Feringa Building will be announced soon; afterwards, the faculty will start making plans for a more permanent space.


11 April 2018 | 11-4-2018, 11:43