Company bars ‘Vindicat jackasses’

Groningen marketing agency Sellian will not hire former Vindicat members. ‘Today, we have officially instated the ‘no-jackass’ policy’, says owner Ernst Wallinga.
By Peter Keizer / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

Wallinga is ‘deeply ashamed’ of the way the ‘boys and girls’ of Vindicat ‘treat new members without respect’, he writes in a blog post on LinkedIn. ‘It creates an image of spoiled children who think they are above the common people’, writes the marketing agency’s co-owner.

According to Wallinga, his agency is looking for ‘real talent’. ‘That means people who are looking to grow, not just personally but also professionally. You can’t hide a lack of talent behind an association membership or finishing a study. That means that Vindicat members are not welcome at Sellian, because we don’t want any jackasses in our club who then bring in other jackasses.’


In a short interview with RTV Noord, Vindicat rector Stijn Derksen says that the post is ‘annoying’. He says he is disappointed that the entire group is treated unfairly on the basis of a few incidents, rather than just the people directly involved.

Wallinga says that other companies agree with him. According to the Chamber of Commerce, however, they have had no reports of companies barring Vindicat members.

Last week, student association Vindicat was in the news several times because of incidents at the fraternity. In August, an aspiring member was struck so hard by senior members during a hazing ritual that he had to be hospitalised. It also came out that male members had written the ‘True Almanac’, a ‘bang list’ in which the members encouraged each other to get 22 ‘horny bitches’ into bed.


03 October 2016 | 12-10-2016, 11:02