47: News of the Week

What’s happened in week 47? A potential new faculty in Friesland, RUG computer system hacked, NAM criticism and more.


Tijd dringt voor BKO

Nog dertien maanden en dan moet 80 procent van alle RUG-docenten zijn diploma hebben. Anders kost dat miljoenen. ‘De tijd dringt.’

dinsdag 18 november

ZiN: no more confusing letters

Zorginstituut Nederland is going to make changes, so EU students will no longer be wrongly fined for not having Dutch health insurance.

woensdag 12 november

46: News of the Week

What’s happened in week 46? University College Groningen costs more, law faculty tolerance changes & Next gets a new name.


Insurance letters keep coming

Zorginstituut Nederland says they cannot prevent international students getting letters demanding they get insurance.


Schaliegas kost toch te veel

Mensen vrezen schaliegas. Vanwege het milieu en aardbevingen. Niet nodig, denkt gasgoeroe Rien Herber.

dinsdag 11 november
Photo Chinese Student Association Groningen

ESN focusses on food

ESN wants to facilitate more international dinners – for many nationalities, eating is a social event.

woensdag 5 november

45: News of the Week

What’s happened in week 45? A new City Campus, UB access restrictions, an overhaul in dentistry and more.

dinsdag 4 november

EU students face fines

Hundreds of EU students may have gotten a letter from Zorginstituut Nederland asking them to pay a fine for insurance.


'I want to change Aruba'

Paolo came to Groningen from Aruba and found the courage to accept his homosexuality. Now he wants to go make a difference.

thumb Krenz

Krenz unbothered by critics

The museum director described his presence as ‘offensive’, but Egon Krenz claimed to be unbothered. He was invited, after all.

donderdag 30 oktober

International books often late

International students often have problems getting their text books. This year, law students in particular were impacted.

woensdag 29 oktober

44: News of the Week

What’s happened in week 44? Nestor and My University are merging, exam on Friday evening, open taps at fraternities and more.


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Ethnic cleansing in Israel

What’s happening in Israel and Palestine is no religious conflict, according to insiders. ‘It’s ethnic cleansing.’

maandag 24 november

Dutch treats

Bringing students and townies together is easier said than done. Why get involved if the internationals leave anyway?

vrijdag 21 november

Symbolically homeless

You live years away from your country of origin. Then, when you go back… you don’t feel at home anywhere anymore.


Latin Americans in Groningen

Every month they share a traditional dinner. The Latin Americans of Groningen give you bachata songs and ‘gezelligheid’.


Swapping your wardrobe

Robin, Florian and their friends started DarpDecade: an app that brings Tinder to your closet.

vrijdag 14 november

Zwarte Piet still welcome

A small majority of Dutch and international students are in favor of keeping the traditional Zwarte Piet, according to a UK poll.

thumb verloting

Jonge Harten

Especially for the UK Jonge Harten is offering 2x two tickets for the exclusive try-out of RO-BOT. RO-BOT!

woensdag 12 november

Wiener Schnitzel

Vienna reminded the Epicurean of how much he loves a Wiener Schnitzel. Make it veal, not pork.

maandag 10 november

The best way: St. Maarten

Tomorrow they’ll be there: hordes of kiddies screaming songs and begging for candy. 5x will tell you how to survive… Sint Maarten.

vrijdag 7 november

Your norms don't mean much

People say they care about the environment. But in everyday life, their norms don’t mean much, research shows.