One giant leap (backward)

A poster for a ‘CEOs and Office Hos’ party from the JSV has been haunting Nina. Sexism is still alive and kicking.

20151006 - vluchtelingen - interview 02

In rubberboot naar Europa

‘Ik wist niet of ik ooit nog land zou zien.’ Het verhaal van Maria, die in een bootje naar Europa vluchtte en nu in Groningen studeert.

maandag 5 oktober
vrydemalaan thumb

Theft at Vrydemalaan

Three break-ins occurred at the Vrydemalaan housing complex last week, according to neighbourhood police agent Paul Heidanus.

vrijdag 18 september

Mystery in the galaxy

An astronomer at the RUG Kapteyn Institute found a mysterious structure within our galaxy. A spaceship?

woensdag 2 september

News of the Week: 36

What’s happened so far this academic year? RUG seeks millions for Yantai, Legionnaire’s disease in the dentistry school and more.


'Alles was donker'

‘Binnen 48 uur moest ik het land uit en anders had ik twee opties: minstens twintig jaar de gevangenis in of vermoord worden.’

dinsdag 25 augustus

Frascati not finished

As students are moving in, the rechristened Frascati International Student House is still not completely done.

donderdag 20 augustus

11th faculty report done

A decision about pursuing an eleventh faculty of the RUG in Leeuwarden may be made within weeks.

dinsdag 18 augustus

RUG ranking rises

The University of Groningen rose seven spots in the 2015 Shanghai Ranking, from 82nd place to 75th.


De lijst der lijsten

Internationale ranglijsten houden de universitaire wereld in een houdgreep. En dat terwijl ze volkomen onzinnig zijn.

donderdag 25 juni

China: RUG 'not mandatory'

A pending governmental decree would mean Chinese students from UGY don’t have to come to Groningen to get a RUG degree.

woensdag 24 juni
China thumb

Student faction dissatisfied

Student members of the FEB and FMNS faculty councils are dissatisfied with the scarcity of detail in the Yantai plans.

dinsdag 23 juni

Research on 11th faculty

CDA representative Sander de Rouwe has asked Gerrit de Jong to analyse the eleventh faculty plans.


En meer...


Life Changing Moments #1

Denise Holguin is in Groningen to finish her Erasmus Mundus master’s degree. She’s also six months pregnant.


In a rubber dinghy to Europe

‘I didn’t know if I would ever see land again’. This is the story of Maria, who fled to Europe and is now a student at the RUG.

vrijdag 2 oktober

Academic freedom in Yantai

The Personnel Faction thinks the political situation and lack of academic freedom in China could pose a threat to ‘Yantai’.

woensdag 30 september

Old habits die hard

For many Russians of the older generation, certain habits, believes and superstitions are still very much alive.

dinsdag 29 september

Big suitcases, tiny Kia

The RUG takes on one fleeing researcher each year. The cost: 12,000 euros for nine months’ shelter.


'Everything was dark'

‘Within 48 hours, I either had to leave or I had two options: go to jail for at least 20 years or be murdered.’

dinsdag 15 september

Semi-permeable borders

Amidst growing tensions between Russia and the West, Lisse van Vliet arrives in Moscow, where he will study for the next four months.


PhDs criticise experiment

Last week, the PhD Day was held in Groningen. asked the attendants how they feel about the experiment with bursary students.

maandag 14 september

American Empire

WWII marked the beginning of the American Empire, but will it remain an empire after the 2016 elections? Nigel Hamilton wants to find out.


'We feel cheated'

Two outgoing personnel faction members of the RUG Council feel ’cheated’ by president Poppema. ‘We didn’t vote for Yantai.’