New College 'a surprise'

Plans for a second University College were proudly announced last week. That was a surprise to the University College Groningen.



Steeds meer studenten verlaten Groningen na hun bachelor. De RUG wil dat veranderen. Maar hoe?

woensdag 28 januari

News of the Week 5

What’s happened in week 5? A new University College in Friesland, philosophy is too western, a second Sportcentrum and more.

woensdag 21 januari

Zernike becomes Silicon Valley

The Zernike Campus will be undergoing serious changes in the next ten years. Green spaces, stores, restaurants, and more.


News of the Week 4

What’s happened in week 4? Starbucks at the UB, limited library access, MyUniversity delayed and more.


Why don't we mix?

For international students, fitting in at the RUG is easier said than done. Mixing can be hard to do.


Growing pains for UCF

Multilingualism students in Leeuwarden feel they are not given the same support and resources as students in Groningen.

dinsdag 20 januari
A design of De Trekoel building, which will include 450 new student rooms.

New rooms for internationals

Around 450 student rooms will be built in De Trefkoel, an under-construction building project in the Paddepoel neighbourhood.

maandag 19 januari

Student paradise

The Student Hotel Groningen promises to be big, luxurious and expensive. Contracts for construction were signed on Friday.


Why you love your iPhone

Why do you truly like that iPhone or choose a coke bottle with your name on it? Maybe that’s because it reminds you of yourself.

donderdag 15 januari
Huisjesmelker Rood

Housing Office a 'Slumlord'?

This year, ROOD – the youth members of the Socialist Party – are considering the Housing Office for ‘Slumlord of the Year’.

woensdag 14 januari

News of the Week 3

What’s happened in week 3? Students hospitalized after bad trip, University PCs sluggish, UB guarding the doors and more.


Calimero: 'Fix the housing'

Lijst Calimero wrote a letter to the board of the RUG. It should help fixing the ongoing international housing problems.


En meer...


Expression of 'freedom'

Hamid Afshar says the UK should remove the front page of Charlie Hebdo from its website – out of respect for freedom of speech.

woensdag 28 januari

Pimping the RUG on Reddit

American Studies student Thom Groen took matters into his own hands to go to the U.S. – he’s promoting the RUG on Reddit.

maandag 26 januari

Indo-Chinese Chili Chicken

It’s UKook, the cooking show starring international students and their favourite foods. This week: Indo-Chinese Chili Chicken.

vrijdag 23 januari
fiets bleep boom staande foto

Traffic rules are hard

Shark teeth? Right of way? Uitgezonderd? To Dutch people, it may seem that international students can’t ride a bike.

donderdag 22 januari

8 questions about financial aid

The Dutch university study financing system will be changing officially in September. But what does that mean, exactly?

maandag 19 januari

The best way: write a cv

You scored an interview! Can your CV back you up or will it be your undoing? These 5 tips will help you write an effective CV.

donderdag 15 januari

International Classrooms

The International Classroom is coming to the RUG. But what is it, exactly?


Robbed by the realtor

Brokers are not allowed to charge fees if they don’t find your property for you. Groups in Groningen are here to help.

dinsdag 6 januari

'Swordfighting is very intense'

Don’t be surprised if you bruise a rib in a tournament. The fighters of sword fighting school MARS are no pussies.

maandag 5 januari

The best way: interview

You need a job, yo – and that’s not easy. So, once you’ve got an interview, you have to ace it! 5 tips on how to do that.