SSH cleaning up

Diaconessenhouse residents got an email from SSH on Friday explaining what action is being taken to fix the problems there.


Sustainability, anyone?

The RUG is proud of its green reputation, but professor Kristin McGee argues that more can and must be done to ‘walk the walk’ of sustainability.

donderdag 19 november

Diaconessenhouse asbestos

On Monday, loose asbestos was removed from a utility closet in the Diaconessenhouse.

woensdag 18 november

Diaconessenhouse problems

After multiple thefts and worsening living conditions, students at Diaconessenhouse are taking matters into their own hands.

dinsdag 6 oktober

One giant leap (backward)

A poster for a ‘CEOs and Office Hos’ party from the JSV has been haunting Nina. Sexism is still alive and kicking.


Koolmezen uit de kast

Honderden koolmezen in het Lauwersmeergebied zijn dakloos. Joost Tinbergen haalde de nestkasten weg die hoorden bij zijn onderzoek. Na 22 jaar.

maandag 5 oktober
vrydemalaan thumb

Theft at Vrydemalaan

Three break-ins occurred at the Vrydemalaan housing complex last week, according to neighbourhood police agent Paul Heidanus.

vrijdag 18 september

Mystery in the galaxy

An astronomer at the RUG Kapteyn Institute found a mysterious structure within our galaxy. A spaceship?

woensdag 2 september

News of the Week: 36

What’s happened so far this academic year? RUG seeks millions for Yantai, Legionnaire’s disease in the dentistry school and more.


Eén jaar SSH

SSH heeft in haar eerste jaar twee nieuwe panden geopend, maar had ook de nodige tegenslagen. Veel bewoners zien nog geen verbetering.

dinsdag 25 augustus

Frascati not finished

As students are moving in, the rechristened Frascati International Student House is still not completely done.

donderdag 20 augustus

11th faculty report done

A decision about pursuing an eleventh faculty of the RUG in Leeuwarden may be made within weeks.

dinsdag 18 augustus

RUG ranking rises

The University of Groningen rose seven spots in the 2015 Shanghai Ranking, from 82nd place to 75th.


En meer...


International grant

There’s a grant specifically for international student groups, but few organisations have taken advantage of it so far.

donderdag 7 januari

New Year's resolutions

What do resolutions mean to RUG students? What are their own resolutions for 2016, aside from finishing their master’s theses?

woensdag 16 december

International Christmas

The city and the university are inviting refugees to join the festivities this holiday season.


Life Changing Moments #3

A sailing trip proved to Graham Clark that you have to go where the wind takes you – or where it doesn’t take you.


Venezuela's financial woes

Venezuelan students in the Netherlands are feeling the effects of the financial problems back home.

dinsdag 17 november

Invest in refugees

Journalist, refugee and student Addis Tesfa wishes European universities would pay attention to refugee’s problems.

woensdag 11 november

'A challenging new step'

Globalisation Studies and Humani-tarian Action chair Joost Herman is in favour of the Yantai plans: ‘It is ‘just’ a challenging new step.’


Students for refugees

Students in Groningen have decided to take action to welcome and aid as many refugees as possible.

donderdag 29 oktober

Partner Support improves

Positive changes – including actual jobs for partners – have come to the RUG’s Partner Support programme.

woensdag 14 oktober

GUTS membership up

The English-language theatre group GUTS nearly doubled its membership, going from 25 members in 2014 to 45 this year.

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