News of the Week: 36

What’s happened so far this academic year? RUG seeks millions for Yantai, Legionnaire’s disease in the dentistry school and more.


Studeren doe je zo

Studeren is ook een wetenschap. Hier vind je zeven wetenschappelijk onderbouwde tips waarmee je fluitend je tentamens haalt.

dinsdag 25 augustus

Frascati not finished

As students are moving in, the rechristened Frascati International Student House is still not completely done.

donderdag 20 augustus

11th faculty report done

A decision about pursuing an eleventh faculty of the RUG in Leeuwarden may be made within weeks.

dinsdag 18 augustus

RUG ranking rises

The University of Groningen rose seven spots in the 2015 Shanghai Ranking, from 82nd place to 75th.


Huisdichter met een missie

De nieuwe huisdichter Philip Rozema heeft een eigen geluid en een duidelijke missie: frisse energie brengen.

donderdag 25 juni

China: RUG 'not mandatory'

A pending governmental decree would mean Chinese students from UGY don’t have to come to Groningen to get a RUG degree.

woensdag 24 juni
China thumb

Student faction dissatisfied

Student members of the FEB and FMNS faculty councils are dissatisfied with the scarcity of detail in the Yantai plans.

dinsdag 23 juni

Research on 11th faculty

CDA representative Sander de Rouwe has asked Gerrit de Jong to analyse the eleventh faculty plans.


Werkdruk door Yantai

De campus in Yantai zorgt voor meer werkdruk op de RUG. Ter compensatie wordt extra personeel ingehuurd.

maandag 22 juni

Having a say on Yantai

The university and faculty councils may not have the opportunity to vote on pursuing an international branch campus in Yantai.

woensdag 17 juni

Secret meeting with China

RUG president Sibrand Poppema secretly met with representatives of the Chinese and Dutch ministries of education on Tuesday.


News of the week 25

What’s happened in week 25? Wijmenga wins Spinoza, bursary project approved, board expenses and more.


En meer...


Student seeks same

Some Dutch students – as well as some internationals – only want to live with housemates from their own country. Why?

maandag 24 augustus

A numbers game

De Volkskrant says international student populations are dramatically rising, but those numbers don’t tell the whole story.


Zomerreces / Summer break

De UK is met reces. Herlees een aantal van onze favoriete verhalen, longreads en projecten van het afgelopen semester. / The UK will be closed for the summer. Here are some of our favourite stories, longreads and projects from the past semester.


Smoothie mafia

An MLM company is recruiting students to sell a powder. Blanca writes about her experiences with this ‘smoothie mafia’.


Dark tourism

Yes, there really are people who go on holiday to conflict areas like the West Bank. But what do they get out of it?

maandag 8 juni

UKook: Ful medames

It’s UKook, the cooking show starring international students and their favourite foods from home. This week: ful medames.


Travel insurance issues

When students want to do fieldwork in ‘dangerous’ countries, the RUG may be reluctant to insure them.

dinsdag 2 juni

Imagine a second language

If the RUG wants internationals to learn Dutch, it has to appeal to their imagination, says researcher Kirsten Kolstrup.


Truly international

Three internationals were elected last week to join the University Council. Together they strive for a truly ‘international university’.


The Faces of Margraten

Sebastiaan Vonk is the director of a project to put faces to the names of thousands of American WWII soldiers.