News of the Week 22

What’s happened in week 22? Bachelor enrolment up, recording lectures limited, ACLO branching out and more.


Werkdruk aan de RUG

Veel RUG-medewerkers zeggen last te hebben van een hoge werkdruk. Hoe lang gaat dat nog goed?

woensdag 27 mei

Concerns about Yantai

The Math & Science faculty council and chemistry programme director Dirk Slotboom express concerns about the Yantai plans.


Subsidy via judge

After a court case, astronomer Marc Verheijen finally received a Vici subsidy for 1.5 million euros from research financier NWO.


Enrolment spike

The number of internationals signing up for European Languages and Cultures grew from 6 last year to 128 for 2015.


Theft in international housing

International student housing in Groningen has the reputation of being a common target for theft. But is that fair?

dinsdag 26 mei

ReThink at FBSS

Several members of ReThink RUG met last week to discuss the problems facing the university.

woensdag 20 mei

News of the Week 21

What’s happened in week 21? University elections, University Council chairperson changes, thousands new teachers and more.

dinsdag 19 mei

International debate

On Monday, three internationals candidates for the University Council participated in the first ever international student debate.


Almanak award 2015

De UK moest zich door stapels smoelenboeken heen worstelen, maar er is een winnaar!


'Research 11th faculty'

The new provincial coalition in Friesland wants further research into the proposed eleventh RUG faculty in Leeuwarden.

woensdag 13 mei
International flags

Debate on Groningen

D66, a local political party, is organizing a debate with international students about their student lives in Groningen.


News of the Week 20

What’s happened in week 20? ReThink RUG and University Council want reform, matching doesn’t work and more.


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Human Library

Don’t judge a book by its cover – that is the main principle behind the second Human Library project in Groningen.

dinsdag 26 mei
German Ukook-thumb

UKook: Verheiratete

It’s UKook, the cooking show starring international students and their favourite foods from home. This week: verheiratete.

donderdag 21 mei

A changing Egypt

Emma van der Zalm is taking it all in in Cairo. This week, she asks about the future as she says goodbye.


After the earthquake

Raising funds for disaster relief in Nepal is a way for two Nepali RUG students and one alumnus to help and to cope with the aftermath.

maandag 18 mei

'Don't mention the torture'

John Flood wonders if the RUG was too polite in its agreement with King Saud University.

vrijdag 15 mei

Margery's voice

Sebastian Sobecki found an exciting letter in a boring archive. It sheds new light on annoying and amazing Margery Kempe.

donderdag 14 mei

Do-It-Yourself Biology

A group of RUG students is pursuing science outside of the lab through DIYbio. Their goal: to make biotechnology accessible.


City within a city

Emma van der Zalm is taking it all in in Cairo. This week, she discovers the community that developed in Tahrir Square.

maandag 11 mei

UKook: Tarta pascualina

It’s UKook, the cooking show starring international students and their favourite foods from home. This week: tarta pascualina.


What should we do?

Science Faction member Nicolai Petkov makes the case for change at the RUG. ‘The crucial question now is, ‘What should we do next?’’