16: News of the week

What’s happening at the university? Afraid you missed anything? Here is your weekly update from 10 – 16 April.


They are converted. To Islam.

Luis’s mother was afraid he might become a terrorist. Peter hasn’t even told his parents yet. They’ve converted…to Islam.


More lab than fame

Three female researchers from the RUG captured the top spots at FameLab – they’re more familiar with the ‘lab’ than the ‘fame’.


15: News of the week

What’s happening at the university? Afraid you missed anything? Here is your weekly update from 3 – 9 April.


14: News of the week

What’s happening at the university? Afraid you missed anything? Here is your weekly update from 27 March to 2 April.


The secret of life

Top research institute ERIBA focuses on fundamental biological problems. What causes ageing? Eleven teams share their knowledge to accelerate discoveries.


Wang meets the King

Another surreal experience for ‘Holland’s Got Talent’ Xiao Wang. A state dinner, where he met the King and the Chinese president.

alexandra bewerkt

Translate official documents!

As the only international on the university council, Romanian student Alexandra Crisan wants all documents to be translated.


Against modern slavery

Mareike Wiegels no longer buys her clothes from H en M or Primark. She is fighting with other students to end modern-day slavery.


Naakt op tv

Hij verscheen naakt op tv om zijn droomvrouw te vinden. Over Google maakt hij zich geen zorgen. JP zat in Adam zkt Eva.


Staff improve your English

The teaching staff’s English is frequently not up to standard. A higher level is needed, say student organizations SOG en Calimero.


Tougher rules for mediators

Tougher rules for housing mediation agencies will stop students having to pay high prices when searching for a room.


English subs in cinema

The Groninger Forum wants to show films with English subtitles more often. Today – Tuesday – they start with Die Andere Heimat.


Prostituee v/d wetenschap

Het was een droom, die carrière in de wetenschap. Maar jonge onderzoekers zijn werkpaarden. Hoppend van contract naar grant.


New East Asia Studies

Tjalling Halbertsma worked in East Asia all his life. He returned to the Netherlands for one job: the new master East Asia Studies.


Simple wild garlic

Wild garlic is very underappreciated says the Epicurean. Pick it yourself, or buy it at the Vismarkt.


Let's elect the rector

There is an urgent need to discuss the elected rector magnificus, Nicolai Petkov says. ‘Don’t behave like silent rabbits.’


Day at the farm

International students feel right at home down on the farm. During an ESN excursion on Sunday, they got a taste of Dutch farm living.


Pussy willow

Dan wants to cry. The Dutch don’t do hot-cross buns on Easter. However, they do have vases stuffed full of pussy willow.


In need of internationals

Only six more years before the number of Dutch students starts to go down. So Groningen desperately needs more students: from abroad.


Kill your Darlings!

City Poet Joost Oomen recognizes the struggle of Alan Ginsbergh in Kill your Darlings. As for his first poem? No good at all!


Dutch bathrooms

‘The toilet is through there, the washbasin is that way, and the hand towel is on your right…’ Dan’s Guide to Dutch Housing part II.


Secret holiday tips

Looking for a nice destination for your summer holidays? Internationals provide you with inside information.