51: News of the Week

A new labour agreement for employees, council members want arts support, refuge for researchers and more.


Xtc is heel normaal

De UK enquêteerde 700 studenten over drugsgebruik. Wat bleek? Xtc is niks bijzonders. Vooral voor leden van een studentenvereniging.

woensdag 10 december

ESN critized over Black Pete

International student organization ESN has been questioned about using traditional black-faced Zwarte Piet at a Sinterklaas party.


50: News of the Week

What’s happened in week 50? UB shutting out hbo students, arts faculty needs money, criticism of Zwarte Piet and more.

donderdag 4 december

Student council revived

International representative Taku Mutezo has revived the International Student Council. Less conversation, more action.


Letteren wankelt

Letteren is nauwelijks hersteld van de reorganisatie. En de komende jaren duikt de faculteit opnieuw in de rode cijfers. En dan?

woensdag 3 december

49: News of the Week

What’s happened in week 49? Erik Deenen has been found, theft in Nijenborgh4, criticism of learning communities and more.

dinsdag 2 december

Please sign in

Employees of the faculty of Math and Natural Sciences don’t sign in when working outside normal hours. That could be a problem.

woensdag 26 november

48: News of the Week

What’s happened in week 48? RUG student Erik Deenen is missing, bird flu vaccine, Aletta can stay and more.


Mister Learning Communities

Harvard professor Eric Mazur is the visionary behind the idea of learning communities. ‘Nobody sleeps through my class.’

woensdag 19 november

47: News of the Week

What’s happened in week 47? A potential new faculty in Friesland, RUG computer system hacked, NAM criticism and more.

dinsdag 18 november

ZiN: no more confusing letters

Zorginstituut Nederland is going to make changes, so EU students will no longer be wrongly fined for not having Dutch health insurance.

woensdag 12 november

46: News of the Week

What’s happened in week 46? University College Groningen costs more, law faculty tolerance changes & Next gets a new name.


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Cold Soba Noodles

Here it is, the very last Epicurean. He has shared with us his love for simple food. And now, for the finale: Japanese noodles.


The cost of war

Writer and UNICF fundraiser Monica Arac de Nyeko became Alumnus of the Year of the RUG. She writes about the cost of war.

dinsdag 16 december

Hummus not war

A fierce debate during lectures on the Israel-Palestine conflict brought hope. Palestinian and Israeli students make Hummus, not War.


Housing Office Complaints

A Facebook page for international students to complain about housing is growing fast. The goal: ‘Lower rent and fair treatment.’

maandag 15 december

The best way: X-mas

Most folks head home to celebrate the holidays, but you may be spending winter break in Groningen this year. How can you cope?

donderdag 11 december

Crowdfund your tuition

Ricardo from was happily studying when everything changed – his family couldn’t pay his tuition anymore. Crowdfunding helped.

woensdag 10 december

Greek Giouvetsi

The Epicurean is in overdrive. Only one month left! He chose to give you giouvetsi, a one-pot pasta and meat dish.

dinsdag 9 december

Creating a new Nadal

What made Einstein a genius or Nadal the best tennis player in the world? A new master goes looking for the answer.

maandag 8 december

The best way to... succeed

Some of us continue to struggle with our grades. What’s a student to do!? 5x tells you how you’ll succeed at your uni.

vrijdag 5 december

Anar married one man twice

Anar Suleimenova left Kazakhstan for the love of her life. She married both the Kazakh and the Dutch way.