Recruiting in Kazakhstan

The University of Groningen aims to recruit students from yet another unusual country: Kazakhstan.


Gevaarlijk sprookje

De liefde voor Spitsbergen zit diep. Maar poolonderzoeker Maarten Loonen heeft er een nieuwe liefde bij: vulkaaneiland Jan Mayen.

maandag 29 september

Greek issue at the RUG

Is there a ‘Greek issue’ at the Faculty of Economics and Business, or is it a larger problem among international students in general?

woensdag 24 september

39: News of the week

What’s happened in week 39? Superfast internet at the UB, university builds earthquake-proof, integrity movie ready and more!

woensdag 17 september

38: News of the week

What’s happened in week 38? RUG rises in rankings, UB is under construction and more.


Mooi uitzicht, boze buren

Huisbazen omzeilen de 15 procentnorm door een verdieping op hun studentenhuis bouwen. Goed voor het uitzicht en boze buren.

maandag 15 september

Is MOOC the future?

The first MOOC from the RUG is online, and it actually works. But can students resist distractions in the virtual classroom?

woensdag 10 september

37: News of the week

What’s happened in week 37? Slavic student can graduate after all, the RUG shouldn’t collaborate with Russia and more.

woensdag 3 september

36: News of the week

What’s happening at the university? Afraid you missed anything? Here is your update from 26 August – 3 September.


'I just hate goodbyes'

Dana Entcheva from Bulgaria had a painful reality check when coming to Groningen. ‘I was actually crying during one of the exams.’

dinsdag 2 september
'The hotelboat was so expensive, it was crazy!’, says German student Lena Gierse.

Struggle for rooms

Internationals are struggling to find a room this year. Hopefully next year, the trouble will be over.

donderdag 28 augustus

1,600 students line up

The Martini church was not big enough for the 1,600 new international students lined up for the Welcome Ceremony.

woensdag 25 juni

27: News of the week

What’s happening at the university? Afraid you missed anything? Here is your weekly update from 19 – 25 June


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The best way: to get a bike

How can you get a bike as cheap as possible? We’ll show you in 5 x.

donderdag 25 september

Enemy of the state

Wanted by the Ugandan government, Frank fled to the Netherlands. His dream? To study international relations at the RUG.

woensdag 24 september

Follies are back

Spoken languages in this funny performance? English and the local ‘Gronings’. After a century, the Follies are back.


Partner policy should improve

More and more internationals are coming to work for the university. They often bring their partners along, but they feel overlooked.

maandag 22 september

The best way: to get groceries

How can you get your groceries as cheap as possible? We’ll show you in 5 x.

vrijdag 19 september

Crush that stereotype!

Of course you are prejudiced! Germans obey rules, Dutch do drugs and Romanians are poor. Aren’t they?

Courtney's Kitchen, Nieuwe Ebbingestraat

Hip & Happening

What are the most stylish places in Groningen to find the best food and drinks? Find out where to go.


Independent Italian journalist

Italy is 49th on the World Press Freedom Index. The Netherlands is 2nd. That’s why Emanuele came to Groningen.

woensdag 17 september

Avocado toast

It started with a comment from a reader. Now, the Epicurean goes vegan with avocado toast.

dinsdag 16 september

Housing scam continues

Once again, students are being conned into renting rooms that don’t exist. The same thing happened last year.