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EU career thanks to Margot

Wanna have a career in the European Union? Ask Margot Recter, she can help you get a foot in the door.


Na zes jaar wegwezen!

Zes jaar aan de RUG en dan? Wegwezen! De RUG wil meer flexibiliteit, medewerkers blijven met lege handen achter.

woensdag 22 oktober

43: News of the Week

What’s happened in week 43? A culture of fear in the dentistry school, learning communities grow, a checkers champion and more.

woensdag 15 oktober

42: News of the Week

What’s happened in week 42? Epke Zonderland wins gold, Finno-Ugric studies end, a Middle English poem goes viral and more.

woensdag 8 oktober

41: News of the week

What’s happened in week 41? Arts PhDs are denied parental leave, RUG drops in THE ranking, Saudis are stable and more.


Mondje dicht

Studenten en recent afgestudeerden van tandheelkunde maken zich ernstige zorgen over hun opleiding. ‘Veel studenten zijn bang voor hun docenten.’

vrijdag 3 oktober

Finally: English in U-Council

After years of fighting for it, the spoken language in the University Council is shifting to English. Nice for Taku Mutezo.

woensdag 1 oktober

40: News of the week

What’s happened in week 40? Smartphones forbidden, stereotypical machine has to go, brainfreeze and more.

dinsdag 30 september

Recruiting in Kazakhstan

The University of Groningen aims to recruit students from yet another unusual country: Kazakhstan.


Long distance love

She is British, he is Dutch. She lives in Singapore, he’s in the Caribbean. It’s love at a distance.

maandag 29 september

Internationals monitored

Is there a ‘Greek issue’ at the Faculty of Economics and Business, or is it a larger problem among international students in general?

woensdag 24 september

39: News of the week

What’s happened in week 39? Superfast internet at the UB, university builds earthquake-proof, integrity movie ready and more!

woensdag 17 september

38: News of the week

What’s happened in week 38? RUG rises in rankings, UB is under construction and more.


En meer...

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Until morning

Giuseppe Raudino was just another Erasmus student back in 2001. Now he has self-published a novel about the exchange.

woensdag 22 oktober

You and your Uke

It’s that obscure instrument from Hawaii – the ukulele. Chinese Maureen Xu fell in love with it and found some fellow uke lovers.

maandag 20 oktober

The best way: to get a job

Easier said than done, of course. Still, you’ll want a job now, and we’ll tell you how to get one.


Internationals love weed

Internationals in the Netherlands like soft drugs even more than the Dutch. ‘If you are going to try drugs any time in your life, it will be now.’

woensdag 15 oktober

Pasta e fagioli

So many vegan recipes to choose from. The Epicurean goes for pasta and beans.

dinsdag 14 oktober

Epic gaming in Pathe

Gamers don’t exactly have the reputation for being athletic competitors, but when they go pro, they  attract crowds of thousands across the globe – even in Groningen.

maandag 13 oktober

The best way: stress relief

Only 6 weeks into your study programme and already stressed out? Then it’s time for some stress relief!

vrijdag 10 oktober

Student Moms and Dads

Changing diapers and going to prenatal classes isn’t part of student life, right? You might be surprised.

maandag 6 oktober

The best way: to get books

How can you get your study books as cheap as possible? We’ll show you in 5 x.

vrijdag 3 oktober

Woo the university

During Meet the University, the RUG puts its best face forward for other universities. Mission: to woo academic partners.